Cowbots and Aliens is a furious PvP Multiplayer VR brawl set in the “Saloon-iverse”

Free movement, laser precise gunplay, multiple competitive modes and a custom networked physics system that lets you use EVERYTHING as a weapon makes for an immensely satisfying VR ruckus!

Zany interactions, fast-paced combat and challenging AI!

Drop into a colorful western “Saloon-iverse” with competitive combat and challenging gameplay! Cowbots and Aliens delivers unparalleled fun with fast-paced competitive matches!


Party up for Team Deathmatch modes, or throw down in Free-For-All chaos!

Unlock hilarious cosmetic accessories, juggle a variety of cool sci-western weapons, or use grab mundane items like barstools and bottles to smash against opponents! Compete against other players online in Free-For-All arenas, or party up for a variety of Team Deathmatch modes! Sophisticated AI offers challenging competition!

“An excellent example of multiplayer done well inside of a headset.”
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“Way too much fun!”