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Step Onto the Surface of Mars with MarsXR

Explore the red planet with MarsXR, and discover scientific knowledge using interactive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences!


Bring Mars to life in VR, and uncover the martian landscape using AR rovers to unlock scientific discoveries, and cool interactive STEM lessons! Learn about current and future missions, and follow the Mars 2020 rover from construction to launch. Interactive controls and fun gameplay bring intriguing educational content to mobile devices, AR/VR headsets and WebVR!Have fun learning science in a professionally created Mars using real martian photos!

Construction of Mars 2020

Under construction right now, Mars 2020 will be different than Curiosity, the Mars rover that landed in 2012. Although Curiosity has been a great success, far exceeding it’s planned 3 year mission, Mars 2020 will improve and add on it’s predecessors design. Differences include:

  • redesign of wheels (larger, thicker)
  • can sample cache specimens for future retrieval to Earth
  • Software upgrade to give rover more independence in driving and daily maintenance
  • more cameras to document the descent and landing
  • added microphones will give first audio from Mars
  • first helicopter on Mars, built for thin martian atmosphere
  • moxie: lab that tests making Oxygen on Mars

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