Whenever we want to make a big splash with demos of our latest VR games, we need the best, screaming hot computers we could get! Naturally, we turn to Alienware. For our last event, not only did we bring the Alienware Thread Ripper we are testing for them in office, but the people over at Alienware even lent us borrow some Area 51 m17s — maybe the most powerful VR ready laptops we have ever seen!

The Thread Ripper has to be the ultimate gaming and game development tool. Not only does VR play great on it, but the bajillion multi-core processing power makes a lot of technical stuff we do super easy. Time consuming tasks like baking lights and compiling builds are all  much faster with the Thread Ripper. The new VR ready Area 51 m17 laptops were also amazingly smooth without any latency. When both power cables are plugged in they are beasts!

Alienware makes some great gear, but they are also great folks and great partners. Thanks Alienware!