The universal WebXR platform for Games / Education / Enterprise / Entertainment / NFT Galleries

A robust UX dashboard for average users to create and share customized WebXR experiences.
– WebXR Templates
– Upload 3D Models
– 2D & 3D Animations
– Images & Video
– Cross-platform Multiplayer

We need your help!

We see the new focus on NFTs as an amazing opportunity for XR development & production!

Our goal is to create a new WebXR marketplace for the world to explore!

Be the first to customize your own NFT gallery with artwork or NFT collections.

Join in on the cutting-edge of technology, art and creativity!

Help us build the multiverse!

We have vowed to donate 10% of our NFT earnings to charitable organizations, and inject resources into other artists’ wallets to help them join this metaverse.

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