Excited to announce the Indie XR Creator Fund!

Chicken Waffle has launched an exciting new equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, along with announcing the “Indie XR Creator Fund” dedicated to helping innovative creators by providing resources and publishing support for cutting-edge XR games, immersive experiences and gamified NFT projects! We have a passion for creating and publishing quality content, and we strive to help others succeed. Chicken Waffle is heavily involved in the NFT community, and has been innovating with some amazing new gamified blockchain solutions for the marketplace of NFT creators/collectors!

With a portfolio of award-winning games, popular social experiences and big upcoming releases, Chicken Waffle has excellent potential for success in the growing XR market. We have already begun expanding our pipeline with indie publishing partnerships, and we are working on a huge unannounced game from a popular IP!

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Chicken Waffle has several internal teams working on a variety of projects, and has developed a robust suite of XR development tools. Our games have hundreds of millions of fans, and support from some of the most famous streamers and influencers around the world. Baby Hands has gained popularity with over 1 billion gameplay views on YouTube, and we will soon be launching the hilarious sequel Baby Hands 2: Grandma’s House, followed by a zany new multiplayer social game Baby Hands Daycare, with a slew of collectible avatar accessories and user-generated content!

We have an incredible track record of building quality content, with huge upcoming releases on the horizon!

Chicken Waffle has built and launched some fantastic original IP, alongside a library of quality work-for-hire projects for an amazing list of clients and partners! Our work has received several awards, including an Auggie Award for “Best in Show” at AWE 2019, and “Best eSports Experience” at CES 2020. We are dedicated to building cutting-edge immersive content, and we have an incredible development team on board!

Many indie developers are working on compelling content, but do not have the resources to build advanced multiplayer features, or perhaps could use assistance with character/environment art creation. Our internal content development pipeline offers a unique set of verticals for our partners in the Indie XR Creator Fund.

XR Roadmap

Chicken Waffle’s goal is to continue growing our publishing pipeline to bring even more amazing games and experiences to light! We have built some of the top social experiences across the metaverse, and our industry connections open possibilities to grow our publishing library across the gaming marketplace. We have several projects in development, and will be announcing more later this year! Stay tuned for BIG news!

We continue to invest our revenue back into the company to grow our library of original IP, and we are excited to form publishing partnerships with some amazing indie developers!

Cowbots and Aliens
Zany multiplayer XR shooter
Blazer League
Fast-paced XR eSports
Shadow of Valhalla
Visceral physics-based combat

Chicken Waffle has also been building a new webXR marketplace for publishing cutting-edge games and experiences.

XRswim is the marketplace for the future of wearable tech! VRScout got a sneak peak earlier this year, and many new features are rolling out for virtual NFT galleries, multiplayer games and social XR experiences!

We have been working on some cutting edge eSports solutions and multiplayer LBE experiences! We have a variety of games and indie partnerships set to roll out over the next year!

As we continue to grow our original IP, we have been expanding our game publishing pipeline to include several more amazing titles set to launch cross-platform across Steam, PlayStation, Oculus, Quest, Viveport, xBox, Switch and more!

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Join Us!

As we continue to grow our library of original IP and indie publishing partnerships, Chicken Waffle is expanding! If you are an innovative XR wizard/ninja with a passion for creating amazing content, we’re hiring! Please reach out!

For more information, images, video (and secret content), check out our press-kit!

Invest now at startengine.com/ChickenWafleVR